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Be a part of New York City soccer history and get your 2015 season tickets today!

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The club will begin play in 2015 at Yankee Stadium and you can become a Founding Member by making your initial payment of $50 per seat today. Installments towards full season tickets will secure your place in line for the seat selection process and will later be applied to your season ticket balance. Installments are per seat and there is a max of 8 seats per account. All payments are non-refundable.

Seat selection is expected to begin this summer and will be based on the order in which installments are made.  The sooner you make an initial payment, the better your priority in the seat selection process at both Yankee Stadium and New York City FC’s future stadium.  After you have selected your seats this summer, you will have the option of paying off your remaining balance in full or setting up a payment plan that spreads out payments over several months.   

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Along with many other season ticket holder benefits, as a Founding Member, you will receive:

• The opportunity to have your name etched in stone and on display as a Founding Member at New York City FC’s future soccer-specific stadium (1 name per account - 1 account per household)

• Preferred full season ticket pricing for future seasons (must maintain your status as a full season ticket holder for each future season)

• Lifetime membership into the Founding Member Club

• Access to exclusive Founding Member events

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Premium Seating

Yankee Stadium is a cultural icon, whose legacy is as rich as its character and whose history is as striking as its façade. Its unique design and tradition also provides the perfect backdrop to serve as your home away from home or satellite office to handle affairs that are integral to your business. These premium seating options offer you the very best of Yankee Stadium. First-class accommodations, special amenities and exclusive benefits give you the perfect environment to entertain clients and prospects, reward employees, or enjoy the games with your family.
· Luxury Suites
· Legends Club Seats
· Champions Club Seats
· Delta SKY360° Club Seats
Visit or call 212-738-5846 to find out more about our premium seating options and benefits.




Q. How do I reserve my seats?  
A. Securing your New York City FC season tickets is easy! Click here or call 855-77-NYCFC (855-776-9232) and make your initial payment of $50 per seat today.

Q. Will my $50 installment allow me to choose seats in any price category?
A. Yes, you will be able to choose seats in any price category, based on availability. 

Q. What happens to my initial installment payment?
A. The money paid on these installments will be applied to the total balance of your season tickets after you pick your preferred price level and exact seat location.

Q. How does the priority for seat selection work?
A. Seat selection for Yankee Stadium AND our future soccer-specific stadium will be based on the order in which installments are made. The sooner you make an initial installment, the better your priority in the seat selection process.  

Q. When will I select my seats?
A. The seat selection process is scheduled to take place in the summer of 2014. 

Q. How many tickets can I reserve?
A. You are allowed to reserve a maximum of eight (8) seats per account.

Q. What if I want my ticket to be next to my friend’s ticket but we have different accounts?
A. This situation can be handled during the seating process. However, please be aware that you will have to use the account with the lower priority number. In other words, if you sign up on day 1 and your friend signs up 10 days later, you will have to drop to his/her place in the priority list to select your seats. We strongly recommend each account holder create an account in their own name. The inaugural season ticket holder gift will be a scarf with all of the season ticket account owner’s names on it (one name per account). If you add seats for a friend or family member on your account they will not be able to have their name on the season ticket scarf.

Q. Can I split my account?
A. The primary name listed on the account is the owner of record of the season tickets. Splitting or transferring of season ticket privileges must be made from the season ticket holder of record and will be done only after approval of, and at the discretion of the New York City FC. Transfers will only be considered if the new recipient has been listed as a Secondary Contact on the account for at least one full year (365 days). Please note that season tickets may not be transferred from one season ticket account to another. All transferred season tickets will not maintain the same account data or status as the original account holder.  However, you may retain this status if the tickets are transferred within the immediate family and proper documentation is provided. Corporate accounts may be transferred to the principal of the same company. Written correspondence must be on corporate letterhead. Please note, there is a maximum of one (1) account allowed per household.

Q. How much do season tickets cost?
A. Season tickets start at $306 for the season. Click on the Stadium Map & Pricing tab above to see all the available price levels.

Q. How many matches are included in the season ticket?
A. There are 17 regular season home matches included in the season plan. 

Q. Will there be payment plans?
A. Your $50 installment will act as your first payment and after you have selected your seats this summer, you will have the option of paying off your remaining balance in full or setting up a payment plan that spreads out payments over several months.  
Q. What happens if I change my mind after I make my initial installment of $50?
A. All installments are non-refundable and must be applied towards full season tickets. 

Q. Will you be offering partial season plans?
A. Partial plans may be offered in the future in select price levels depending on season ticket demand.

Q. When will the 2015 season schedule be released?
A. We anticipate the schedule being released sometime by December 2014.

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